Welcome to the Franciscan Vistas Ewa Community

Franciscan Vistas Ewa is a healthy independent living community, located in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Older adults in Hawaii can now enjoy a healthy, stress-free lifestyle in a brand new community featuring quality housing that is truly affordable. Franciscan Vistas Ewa is a model, close-knit independent living community that makes your health and well-being top priorities.

At Franciscan Vistas Ewa, you'll feel right at home. Take a stroll on the beautifully landscaped grounds, gather with friends and family at the community center or participate in recreational programs and activities. Our convenient location is just minutes away from stores, restaurants, churches, medical facilities, and the bus lines.

Within our warm, welcoming community you'll find friendship, fun, a caring staff and companionship. We invite you to come take a tour today. 

Eligibility Requirements

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Upcoming Events

03.31Blood Pressure Reading C.C. 10:00AM
03.31Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
03.31Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
03.31LMOW Bingo 9:00AM
04.017:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.01Cookbook recipes due 4.30.15
04.01Ukulele Jam 10:30AM C.C.
04.02Karaoke Fun- 12:00PM
04.02Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.02DVD Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.02Pray the Rosary 6:00PM
04.037:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.03SHAH Office Closed
04.04Karaoke - 1:30PM
04.04Bingo - C.C. 6:00PM
04.05Private Function
04.06Brisk Walk 2 Miles - 7:30AM
04.06Mahiko Holo Holo Club 9:AM
04.06Zumba Gold (Low Impact) 6:00PM
04.06Arts & Crafts - 1:00PM Conference RM
04.06Personal Trainer - 12:00PM Fitness Center
04.07Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.07Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.07Blood Pressure Reading C.C. 10:00AM
04.087:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.08Introduction Community Watch Program
04.08Home Safety check 10:00AM
04.08Ukulele Jam 10:30AM C.C.
04.09Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.09DVD Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.09Pray the Rosary 6:30PM
04.09Karaoke Fun- 12:00PM
04.107:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.10Move Matinee - 1:00PM C.C.
04.10Shopping - Foodland/Longs 9:30AM
04.11Bingo - C.C. 6:00PM
04.12Karaoke Fun- 12:00PM
04.13Brisk Walk 2 Miles - 7:30AM
04.13Zumba Gold (Low Impact) 6:00PM
04.13Arts & Crafts - 1:00PM Conference RM
04.14Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.14Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.14Blood Pressure Reading C.C. 10:00AM
04.14Blood Pressure Reading C.C. 10:00AM
04.157:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.15Cookbook recipes due 4.30.15
04.15Tax Day
04.15Ukulele Jam 10:30AM C.C.
04.16Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.16DVD Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.16Pray the Rosary 6:00PM
04.17Mele O Pu'uwai - 11:00 AM - 12:00PM
04.177:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.17Movie Matinee - 1:00pm C.C.
04.17Shopping - Don Quijote 9:30AM
04.18Karaoke - 1:30PM
04.18Bingo - C.C. 6:00PM
04.20Brisk Walk 2 Miles - 7:30AM
04.20Zumba Gold (Low Impact) 6:00PM
04.20Arts & Crafts - 1:00PM Conference RM
04.20Personal Trainer - 12:00PM Fitness Center
04.21Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.21Spaghetti Lunch/Easter Bonnet Contest
04.21Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.227:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.22Ukulele Jam 10:30AM C.C.
04.23Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.23DVD Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.23Pray the Rosary 6:00PM
04.23Karaoke Fun- 12:00PM
04.247:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.24Movie Matinee - 1:00pm C.C.
04.24Shopping - Walmart - Kapolei 9:30AM
04.24Music Music 6:00PM C.C.
04.25Bingo - C.C. 6:00PM
04.25Cookbook recipes due 4.30.15
04.27Brisk Walk 2 Miles - 7:30AM
04.27Zumba Gold (Low Impact) 6:00PM
04.27Arts & Crafts - 1:00PM Conference RM
04.27Personal Trainer - 12:00PM Fitness Center
04.28Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.28Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.28Blood Pressure Reading C.C. 10:00AM
04.297:30AM Healthy Walk - 4 miles
04.29Ukulele Jam 10:30AM C.C.
04.30Community Walk 2 Miles 7:30AM
04.30Target Shopping - Kapolei 9:00AM
04.30DVD Tai Chi - 9:00AM C.C.
04.30Pray the Rosary 6:00PM
04.30Karaoke Fun- 12:00PM
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Franciscan Vistas Ewa

Driving Directions

A St. Francis Healthy Community
91-1471 Miula Street #7000
Ewa Beach, Hawaii, 96706
Phone: (808) 681-4000

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